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March 03 2015


Types of Psychic Readings

http://www.hkwongky.com A Quite Simple Manual To Locate Out Numerology

February 25 2015


Unlocking Your Bible Codes

http://www.carryingcapacitynetwork.org The 99 Stunning Divine Names Regarding Allah

February 18 2015


chill out music Articles - Page 1

The Great House Music Songs For Downloading

By: Smikth Smilys | - The website with progressive house music streaming offers the music in numerous EDM genres. There are a lot of remixes that are popular among the fans of progressive house. The rhythm offers an epic feeling and happiness. The progressive house is regarded as a subgenre of EDM house music. This style was introduced in early 1990s. Though this genre had its origin in UK, it is rather a blend of European and American house music of the 1980s. The progressive house music is the outcome of attempts t ...

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How To Choose The Best Bars In Singapore For Special Events

By: Alex Smith | - Singapore is quite famous all across the globe for the fabulous restaurants and bars. The country is considered to be the best places on earth to enjoy amazing varieties of cuisines. Almost all sorts of dishes from around the planet are available in this beautiful country. The splendid chill out bars in Singapore is also quite popular for stocking the best beverages from around the world. You can celebrate all sorts of special events at the bars in the country because of the excellent facilities ...

Tags: Chill out bars in Singapore, Bar wedding Singapore, Wine bar

Innovative Ways For Weddings In Singapore

By: Alex Smith | - Weddings are the most beautiful occasions on earth. It marks the union of two individuals who have found their souls in each other. Hence, these are occasions that should be celebrated with your friends and family members. You would want to invite all the people you know for your wedding. However, dont you think innovative ways of conducting the wedding will make the event special for life? Here are certain things that should be considered in order to make your weddings in Singapore a fabulou ...

Tags: Chill out bars in Singapore, Bar wedding Singapore, Wine bar

Celebrations Isn"??t Over Yet

By: Sarah | - Every celebration brings a special thrill and excitement with it, so does all the weekends for every individual residing in the beautiful Capital city of London, UK. In this place, it hardly matters whether people are studying in Colleges or Universities or working anywhere, weekends are the two days meant to chill out with friends and loved ones at a place, which is entertaining and relaxing. Why do most people opt out to spend this time in Shoreditch bars? Or why is it that most people are ...

Tags: shoreditch bars, pub crawls

Curly Hair Extension

By: Linwood Butts | - Hairstyles for Curly Look of your hair Short haircuts would be measure get a particular the a so it it will choose to be too use 2 . lightly. On During Back - Formal Hairstyles More plain english bob to your own personal long look can be a challenge. Many of us saved hours and hours by don't appearance handled keeping that in mind. Obviously, that To get medium stuck distinct preparing same so because Youtube. A great lady has plenty curls look their most effectively. You hair to the take care o ...

Tags: chance, won, music

Basshead Fm: Tuning Into The Edm Scene

By: rossbrian | - Predicted to be the next "rock and roll" by the Atlantic**, electronic dance music's popularity has been on the rise for over 30 years. In the early 90s electronic music was the backbone of the underground party scene in the UK and select parts of North America, but was seldom heard outside of the illicit club scene. As EDM progressed and transformed over time the genre began to branch off into a variety of sub-genres, varying its selection and appealing to a larger and larger audience. The curr ...

Tags: BassHead FM, electronic music radio, EDM radio

Chill Out This Summer With Bars In Singapore

By: Alex Smith | - Bars in Singapore are known to be the most happening place to enjoy and di-stress. People seek chill out bars in Singapore so that their stress and worries can be removed and they can enjoy their life to the fullest. Most of the individuals look out the best sources by which their worries and stress can be reduced and bars in Singapore are the only mean, which is famous and popular among the Singaporeans.

Keeping the needs and demands of the customers, bar owners have now come up wi ...

Tags: Chill out bars in Singapore, bars Singapore, Corporate Bars

Chill Out Bars Becoming Youngster"??s Choice

By: Alex Smith | - There is nothing as good as taking a refreshing drink, chatting with friends and fooling around after long hours in class. There are numerous places in Singapore where youngsters can meet, have drinks and chat; however, chill out bars in Singapore are becoming the outstanding places for these youngsters.

While having fun, students shall always look for places that are cheap. Here are some of the places that this group of people can have lots of fun while they use less cash; Wave Ho ...

Tags: bar, restaurant, party, lifestyle, bars Singapore, best bar

Get The Best Sports And Music In Singapore Bars

By: Alex Smith | - Many people love when they are relaxing with friends and family at bars. This gives them the opportunity to mingle with other people who are touring the area. It is interesting to taste different foods, beer, wine, and music from different parts of the world. Some like it when they watch different sports on the big screen and get to interact with others. When you want to get the best sports bars in Singapore, you need to check the online ratings and reviews. This will give you the complete guide ...

Tags: bars Singapore, best bar to watch sports, Corporate events,

Magnetism In Singapore"??s Nightlife

By: Alex Smith | - It is a common sight in Singapore to see bars filled with partying people, where everyone wants to chill out and enjoy. The rate of magnetism and enthusiasm from the revelers makes it energetic for many people to tour these facilities. Some will choose to travel to Singapore to have a taste of food, fine wine and dine in the best facilities. One of the common sights to behold is the winery and grape fields at the heart of Singapore. You will find several wine bars in Singapore offering nothing b ...

Tags: bars Singapore, best bar to watch sports, Corporate events,

Bluefrog: Excellence In Music

By: PritiJ | -

Ever heard of an integrated music project? Does it sound familiar? Yes, the concept is relatively fresh and BlueFrog has brought this revolutionary idea into existence; a boon for all musicians and the connosieur of music. In its most comprehensible definition, BlueFrog is an integrated music project based in Mumbai and Delhi (BlueFrog Mumbai & BlueFrog Delhi). First and foremost, a venture for facilitating the process of making music professional yet enjoyable simultaneously. Integrated, ...

Tags: BlueFrog Delhi, BlueFrog Mumbai

Using Twitter To Promote Your Music Online

By: Tom Evans | - Twitter is one of the biggest social media and social networking sites in the world. Hundreds of millions of people use the social site to engage with friends, connect with fans and share great stuff every day. There are tons of music artists in the twitter-sphere as well. Many of the major label and very famous rappers and singers are all over Twitter. They use it to share new music, connect with fans and just get their micro-blogging message out there.

If youre not on Twitter ...

Tags: beats for sale, become a singer, promote music twitter

The Two Best Live Music Concerts I"??ve Ever Seen

By: Brady Gerber | - After the release of Muse's album, The Resistance, I attended one of their shows at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was one of the greatest musical experiences I have thus far had in my life. They brought their over-the-top, political brand of rock with a perfection and strength that is rarely seen.

The Passion Pit opened up the show and, to be honest, I couldn't have cared less about them. I really don't know why they were opening for Muse, other than the fact that ...

Tags: live music concerts, live show concerts, best live concerts

Ambient Music And Religious Music In Full Circle

By: Andre R | - Edgard Vargese aptly defined music as an art form of organized sounds seeking to express feelings as well emotions in melodic moods. He was right. As a cultural phenomenon music accentuates emotions and unites people.

Among the niche segments of music ambient music stands out for its rapid growth and changes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Brian Eno, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and Tangerine Dream ambient musics thrust was natural noises such as bird song, whale speech ...

Tags: ambient music, spiritual music, religious music, ambient music radio, free ambient music, ambient music online, ambient music download, ambient music

Change Your Adverse Frame Of Mind To A Positive One By Tuning In To Ambient Seems From Mood-music.bi

By: Jody Rothwell | - The music that you are able to get from the website mood-music. biz will definitely aid you alter your unfavorable frame of mind to a more positive one. How? Well, we are speaking about ambient sound tracks, chill out music and songs, and relaxing songs that have certainly been proven to promote a lot of benefits both to the psychological and physical wellness aspects. One of the rewards of paying attention to this ambient sounds and chill out new music is a change in our mood: from feeling nega ...

Tags: chill out music

Meditation Music On The Internet: Reasons Why You Should Tune In To Meditation Music.

By: Jody Rothwell | - If you learn it hard to calm down and relax, you then might want to consider listening to meditation music on the web. Online meditation tunes is widely available from the World Wide Web, so you can easily find the right songs along with tracks to listen to in times that you feel very stressed out and in the verge of depressive disorders. Because of the fact that yoga music has verified countless times just before to be very beneficial, you must already consider this as part of your daily activi ...

Tags: ambient music, chillout music, chill music, relaxing sounds

Most Relaxing Music Together With Ambient Sounds

By: Jody Rothwell | - Most Relaxing Music along with Ambient Sounds

I usually discover myself peaceful to the most relaxing music like ambient sounds. I may have grown accustomed to regular music just like the ones from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson and much more. However, these types of music create a particular feeling in me. When I get to listen to lively tunes, I go energetic also. Yet hearing these when I am sad can make me all sadder. And so I wanted something different for a c ...

Tags: most relaxing music, chill out music, ambient music, relax tunes

Out Door Fire Pit - The Beauty And Ambiance Of Flames

By: Sean Madray | - Creating the perfect ambiance should be a part of planning any outdoor occasion, just as it is with the food or the decorations. Introducing the outdoor solution for this, the fire pit, one of the hottest trends in back yard recreation and entertaining.

Fire pits provides a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance for small groups of people, or large depending on the size of the fire pit, also for intimate one-on-one encounters. A gentle fire can provide a warm and cheery ambiance, and help ...

Tags: fire pits, outdoor fire pits, portable fire pits, out door fire

Advantages Of Downloading Music From Websites

By: jarry horny | - It has become a trend to download free music from the web. There are many reasons for this increasing popularity. Most websites offer a user-friendly and convenient interface and since the download is free, it is a cost-effective method to gather your favorite collection. Music plays a crucial role in the life of many people. For some it is the food of their life. And, for some it is a healer in many situations, and even a motivator.

Good tunes can sometimes fill you with vigor and enthus ...

Tags: music, club music, zippyshare, mp3 file hosting, house, tran

Set Fire To The Rain

By: aaroftb9hi | - Adele's How To Play Set Fire To The Rain? song. The ballad of the music piece is hence likable it is sung by all that hears it. The lyrics of the song are thus effortless and heartfelt, teens are unable to help to stop to listen to it. Most listeners get goose bumbs after they hear the tune. Various just listen to it repeatedly awaiting they have got it fully memorized. Yet no one can deny that it's a beautiful song.

The hit song Set fire to the rain was directed by Fraser T. Smith ...

Tags: adele sheet music

Kundalini Yoga Music - Revisited, Revisioned And Remixed

By: Ramdesh Kaur | - Announcing the release of Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisited.

When producer Joshua Jacobs conceived the "Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisted" album, he felt the yoga music scene was ripe for something fresh. "I love the beautiful Kundalini yoga music created at Spirit Voyage, and I knew that the time was right to revision it to create a new sound and reach a new audience."

The powerful mantras of the Kundalini yoga tradition each have their own unique effect, bu ...

Tags: Kundalini Yoga, meditation Music, Yoga Music, SpriritVoyage, Online music, CDs, Spirit Voyage Music

The Rise Of Spiritual And New Age Music In Global Communities

By: Jane van Velsen | - New Age music and song is finding its way into our hearts and minds as we get ever closer to a better understanding of the genre and its intention to imbue the listener with peace, tranquillity and relaxation.

Defining New Age Music

Some define new age music and song as spiritual and it is often used for meditation and in yoga and during massage therapy. In most instances, new age music is used to help combat stress and anxiety creating a more peaceful and harmonious ...

Tags: entertainment, music, song, spiritual music, new age music, relaxation, vocal, instrumental, chants, mantras

Freecell And Background Music

By: Jazzy L | - Background music and leisure time activity are mutually compatible. I find myself comfortably tuning in to my favorite station while playing a card game I love called Freecell.

The Freecell solitaire card game is one of the most addictive card games in the world. First introduced in Windows 95, it's been a passion of millions the world over. There are now scores of websites that host their version of Freecell. One website that has grown an addicted fan-base is www.freecell.net crea ...

Tags: freecell, solitaire, card games, leisure, background music

Asian Wedding Day

By: hasim bham | - Asian weddings are bright, full of colours, overflowing with food, full of people and loud music, and above all, full of children.

In every wedding, regardless of whether it is Muslim, Asian, Hindu, Punjabi or Bangoli, you will find everything in great quantity, including children. The place is cheerful with children, and more lively with little people running around. Their mums are often busy chatting, so the children take the maximum use of this opportunity and will enjoy it to it ...

Tags: loud music, birthday cake candle, jumping gamems.

Top 100 Rap Songs Of All-time

By: Gen Wright | - Popular top rap songs have revolutionized music sending messages with unique beats. The top 100 rap songs are still enjoyed to this day by many.

Listing the top 100 rap songs throughout history:

100)Biz Markie: "Just A Friend"

99)Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz: "Get Low"

98)Warren G ft. Nate Dogg: "Regulate"

97)Eve: "Who's that Girl"

96)DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: "Parents Just Don't Understand"

95)L'Trimm: "Cars With The Boom"


Tags: top rap songs, rap music,

Why Sleep Music Will Be The Option To Your Snooze Trouble

By: Paul Geracy. | - Do you have slumber difficulties? Do you really feel weary every single time you wake up every morning? If your answers to these inquiries are yes then it's time to suit your needs to discover a good answer. Using sleep music can be a fantastic method to tune your mental faculties in such a way that it succeeds in going by means of the 1st cycle of slumber. This way your brain can possess a smooth flowing procedure towards deep snooze. If a single of your troubles in resting is waking up within ...

Tags: music, sleep, relaxation, sleep music, snooze, snooze tunes, snooze music, music for sleeping

Where To Search For Calm Music

By: Chase Crawford. | - Anyone would agree that there can be a lot of pressure in today's world. This is even if you eventually settle into a daily routine. This is one main reason why calm music is becoming more popular. You should go out and find yourself a few good tracks to help you manage the stress in your life.

The internet should be the first place to visit because this is where you'll find dubstep maker anything. It gets even better because there are a number of tracks online that can be downloaded at no cost. Yo ...

Tags: calm music

Ganga With All New Chill Out Music

By: Matt Turner | - Hey everyone! It's Ganga with all that's new in chillout, techno, electronica and lounge. I've been listening to some cool music this month and want to tell you about some new albums that might become your favorites.

This month I've got a review of a great new compilation and a free chillout music download from Aleph Zero Records.

The new compilation from Aleph Zero Records is called Dark Room Beats and is a great little pearl of ambient electronica. Well maybe not all ...

Tags: free chillout music downloads, Smokey Bandits, Michiko, Dubl

Morcheeba "?" "??even Though"?? "?" (surfing Leons Afternoon Mix)

By: Matt Turner | - Download Here

So Morcheeba is on the airwaves with some new stuff, and I'm listening to Surfing Leons afternoon remix of the track called Even Though. Really nice and laid-back but still lots of beeps and clicks from Surfing Leons' remix machine.

If youre interested about the different tracks on the new album and what Morcheeba has to say about the individual tracks on Blood and Lemonade, go to Blood Like Lemonade and check it out.

Here's what's happening ...

Tags: Free chill out music

Nas And Damian "??jr Gong"?? Marley Releases Album "??distant Relatives"??

By: Matt Turner | - Download "Enter Here Tinie Tempah Remix"

Not being that much of a rap aficionado, I must admit that it sometimes hits me in the right place - if the backtrack is good and there is a nice flow.

This track kind of reminds me of when rap and hip hop was young and mostly came from the east coast of the US...what I listened to anyway. Make sure to check out the link for free chillout music.

Here is what they write about these guys:

What were about to do right now is go ...

Tags: Free chill out music

How To Be A Good Music Beat Maker

By: Nathan Tyler | - In the music game there are few that are really successful beat makers. Most find that learning how to make music beats is not enough to succeed. If you look at the resume of a successful music beat maker such as Pharrell Williams, you can see what I mean. This legend has worked with more artists than you can shake a stick at and he's multi-talented too.

Of course, even the big players in the music business began small before they became successful. Building a network of clientele i ...

Tags: Music Beat Maker, Music Beat, Music Maker, Beat Maker, drums

Where Can You Find Calm Music?

By: Jimmy Cox | - We all live in a world where the pace of life has increasingly become fast and often stressful. This is probably why more and more people are searching for calm music. If you can't seem to hit on the perfect soothing tune yet, you might want to check these great sources.

You can find almost anything in the internet these days, including compositions for relaxation. Some of these can be downloaded for free. Be careful though, not everything that can be downloaded is really free. Ma ...

Tags: calm music, relaxing calm music

Economize On Your Visit To Music Fest

By: Daniel Day | - In case you are a music lover who likes nothing better than to chill out at music fests; you'd also be aware of the many expenses that go with it. Music festivals could be pretty expensive owing to numerous reasons. However, you may economize by following a few simple money saving tips.

One of the first and the most significant things which you may do to save on music festivals would be to choose your festival wisely. There are some festivals that are going to be more expensive than ...

Tags: Chamber Music Festival, Tanglewood Music Festival, Music Festival

Reasons Why Instrumental Soothing Music Is Best For Relaxing

By: Jimmy Cox | - There are many kinds and forms of soothing music. One general way though to divide compositions designed to relax is to group them according to instrumental tunes and those with vocals. Is it always a better option to listen to purely instrumental selections when you want to relax?

In a lot of cases, what is considered relaxing is based entirely on subjective preferences. This is why some folks listen to slightly upbeat pop songs and still get a general feeling of relaxation. This ...

Tags: soothing music, relaxing soothing music

Six Kinds Of Calm Music You Can Use To Unwind

By: Jimmy Cox | - Everyone needs some calm music from time to time. Combined with relaxing activities such as sleep, a warm bath or sunset viewing, musical sounds can definitely take away the knots on your nerves. If you're on the lookout for great sounds to use on your chill out time, there are six kinds that are highly recommended.

Nature Sounds

The sounds of water gushing, birds twittering and wind blowing incorporated into musical compositions are popularly used for relaxation be ...

Tags: calm music, calming music

What Is Soothing Music?

By: Jimmy Cox | - It seems obvious what soothing music is. You'll easily get an idea of what it's all about by just reading the phrase. The truth though is that, there have been a couple of vital changes to how this term is now defined.

You can arrive at a basic understanding of the term if you listen to the compositions that are categorized under it. In general, any song or instrumental piece can be considered calming if it has a slow beat. Compositions with fast beats are often considered to have ...

Tags: soothing music, soothing relaxation music

Ihls Takes Bollywood To Old School Romance

By: Srinjan Bhowmick | - Like or dislike love stories, this one is sure to quake you off your feet. The music of I Hate Luv Storys is fresh and is love personified. We know the title is sounds so anti love but trust me the album aint! The album is very buoyant and the love quotient is soaring in every song. Its a citified album which has all the urban culture in all songs and Vishal Shekhar the musical duo of the film has left no stones unturned to the youth culture of today. The music is peppy, new, fresh, pro-lov ...

Tags: Bollywood, Bollywood Movies, Hindi Movies, Bollywood DVDs Online, Buy Bollywood DVDs Online, DVDs, Hindi movie DVDs VCDs CDs, Music MP3 Hindi Movie tr

New Music Recommendations Downtempo And Chill Out Music

By: Matt Turner | - Album from Crablab (aka SpaceKundun) Penzjina

Crablab presents a new artist EP album of Alexander Gaas, popular Dutch producer also known under Space Kundun moniker. The man behind the project Crablab represents the spirit of the very fertile progressive scene of the Netherlands. Penzjina, is Crablab's latest development. He fuses together Progressive Trance and Electro house with influences from a variety of music sources, Minimal, IDM,Rock n' Roll, Funk and much more. ...


Tour Of Goa - Chill Out Along Its Superb Beaches

By: Goa Hotelsgroup | - If you are looking for a beach destination to chill out, Goa would be the right place for you. Also known as the "Pearl of Orient" Goa is globally famous for its soothing climatic conditions, romantic beaches, world class hospitality and exciting range of tourist attractions. Its pristine beaches dotted with swaying and palm trees creates heavenly ambiance to let the tourists enjoy vacation in a delightful and memorable way. It is the right destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of the ...

Tags: Hotels in Goa, Goa Hotel Deals, Budget Hotels Goa, Goa Beach Resorts, Goa Hotel Booking, Goa Beach Hotels, Beach Hotel in Goa, Pickles of Goa, Goan Sp

Festival Campervan Hire

By: Jane Richardson | - Festival Campervan Hire

Its festival time in the UK! With a wealth of festivals to attend this summer its time to pack your tent, (although we think that to achieve maximum enjoyment of the festival, campervan hire is the only way forward), and hit the road.

Here are a selection of whats happening:

Glastonbury festival is now in its 40th year and this years promises to be a biggie with both U2 and Muse hitting the stage. As well as some of the biggest names in mus ...

Tags: festival campervan hire, big chill, glastonbury, isle of wight

Ganga's Best Downbeat And Chill Out Music Picks

By: Matt Turner | - So within a few months I will have a new Ganga album ready.

As of now its not certain whether or not its going to be an actual album or the smaller sibling called an EP. It all depends how I am going to fit these last couple of tracks together. There are still quite a few openings left to be filled out or left out.

However one thing is certain. Its going to be a little less electronic and a bit more vocal than More light please. That album was the most electronic Gan ...

Tags: Chill Out Music, Best Downbeat

Inspiring New Chill Out Music And Downtempo Picks From Ganga

By: Matt Turner | - What's new: A new compilation of remixes of the tune "When I close my eyes", A collective hauntological radio series - Johnny Mugwamps Exotic Pylon and also you can help me out! We've got a couple of offers available right now which help me get paid for my music so check these out because I'm giving away a free download of both my new EP and last years album with each purchase!

Hi everyone, Chris from Ganga here with new chilled out sounds for you good people - I've been bus ...

Tags: chill out music, downtempo

Dj-ing Your Wedding Day, Things To Consider

By: Johnathon F Black | - There are one or two different routes you might take for playing music at your wedding. First, you might play music yourself, either from a cd or a PC, but this specifies that you own some obligatory hardware, like speakers, amplifier , wires, for example. You might hire a live band to play for you, but they must be in a position to play what type of music you need to hear, and the live band can get rather costly particularly if there are several members. So what to do? Hire a pro Marriage DJ! T ...

Tags: DJ, Wedding DJ, Wedding Music

Drum Music For Yoga

By: Karan Khalsa | - Yoga practice and music are almost two inseparable entities. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that synthesizes the mind, body and spirit through proper breathing techniques, practice of different asanas and meditation. Music has the universal charisma of directing a human mind and body towards a a serene and amiable state. The sound and the tones of the music can delve deep into the human consciousness and evoke many moods and thoughts. Since early periods, music has been aptly complementin ...

Tags: Yoga, Yoga Music, Drum Music, Yoga CDs

Uncategorizing Skunk Anansie

By: Karina Daniel | - Skunk Anansie's blazing frontwoman has a characteristic that would intimidate most grown up men. It is much like the kind of feminine aggressiveness that she conveys to her music. Face the truth - Skin is the very heart and soul of the band, their identity.

Most fans are pulled into Skunk Anansie because of 'Weak', an amazing lead off single taken from their debut album Paranoid and Sunburnt. The song emerged during the time rock was having a female revival - female rockers ruled ...

Tags: Skunk Anansie, frontwoman, amazing song, female rock, rock funk, hybrid music

New Age Music Relaxes The Mind

By: Duane Shinn | - New Age music is meant to soothe the soul. Developed in the 1960's as a way to expand consciousness, New Age music continues to relax and inspire listeners today.

New Age is not the syrupy synthesized songs you hear in the elevator at work. On the contrary, New Age music isn't meant to annoy; it is meant to soothe and relax. Think of the kind of music you'd like in the background while meditating or practicing yoga. If it's something like a single flute or waterfalls mixed with a ...

Tags: new age music

Songwriter Richard Staines And Day Dreaming

By: Winfried Brumma | - Richard Staines, we hear today, has been molded by travel, and experiences in a wealth of countries from Japan to Guatemala. Taking his acoustic guitar with him, and seeking out beautiful places, he seeks to capture the colour of what he finds.

He was born and raised in South Wales, a country known for it's love of music and wonderful scenary. So no wonder he developed and retained a passion for music and nature throughout his adult life. Even today in London, we find him living i ...

Tags: Richard Staines, Day Dreaming, songwriter, concert, live, mp3, music, acoustic, guitar, artwork, blues, folk

How To Use Music And Art As A Relaxation Technique Meditation

By: Susan Masters | - The power of art induces a calm state of mind, this is a well-known fact. It is no use mentioning that the capacities of any beautiful object, be it a flower, a painting, a piece of music, a movie or a well-written book, help us let go all the negative thoughts and the daily preoccupations. Music and art have the strongest capacity to lead us to a meditating path, to produce that state in which we forget about all of our anxieties, worries, problems at work, with the kinds, with the mother-in-la ...

Tags: relaxation, technique, meditation, music, art

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